Nueboo Boob Tape


An instant boob job!

  • Works For Any Bust Size, A-G (DDDD) Cup!
  • Get An Instant Boob Lift In 10 Minutes
  • Create Perfect Cleavage For Any Outfit
  • Waterproof. Use It With Your Swimsuits
  • Guaranteed To Last For 12 Hours
  • Painless To Remove

How to use Boob Tape:

1) Make sure skin is clean and dry. Do not put on any moisturiser or product prior to taping.

2) Roughly measure out and precut 10-12 inch lengths of Nueboo Tape depending on the style of taping you are doing and the size of your bust. We suggest you hold the tape up in the position it will be used to get an idea of how long the tape should be. Keep in mind the tape stretches!

3) Remove the backing paper from the tape and hold you boob in the desired position. Start taping from under your boob and pull the tape to the desired position. Try not to move the tape once its touched your skin as the adhesive will lose strength.

4) Repeat on the other boob. And use scissors to remove any visible excess.

5)To remove the tape simply pull the tape off slowly. If you're having trouble removing the tape you can also use coconut oil or moisturisers to weaken the adhesive.


You get 16.5 feet (5 metres) worth of Nueboo tape in every box!