It's Leo Season: Here is a Fiery Leo Gift Guide

It's Leo Season: Here is a Fiery Leo Gift Guide


Ah, Leos. Fiery, compassionate, big-hearted, and a natural leader. Struggling to find the perfect gift for your fav Leo? Shop our favorite picks that will have every Leo saying "aww, for me? - you should have" ;).

1. Shoes

Six different Billini shoes including the Urson boot, Quinn heel and the Toniro Heel

A staple in every Leo's closet: cowboy boots and statement heels. What else could someone want? Whether your Leo is bold or prefers a more laid-back vibe, we have a shoe that is sure to complete any outfit. 

Here are some of our favorite options:

Billini Quinn Heel Billini Danilo Boot
Billini Toniro Heel Billini Norva Boot
Billini Urson Boot


2. Corsets

Picture of different corsets available at Brightside

Corsets are all the rage these days, so your on-trend Leo definitely needs one. Coming in a variety of different colors and styles, these tops will accentuate the body while still being able to add your own flare! 💕💚

Our Leo-approved corsets are here:

Honorable mention: Playing Games Bustier Top

3. Bags

Billini bags featuring the Lucas, Nadine and the lorna shoulder bag

Keys, lipgloss, phone? Yeah, you know your Leo could use a little organization. Why not add a little spice to their life with a new bag?

We have it all from shoulder bags to crossbody - and they're not complaining! 👛

Like what you see? Bags here:

4. Books + Notepads

Books and Notepads including a grocery list, a spritz book and a journal

✨ Books and notepads but add a little spice ✨

For the fashion icon, the party planner, or for when everything is the worst (but make it cute).

From getting shit done to books that will actually be used, shop our fav for your fav ♌︎.

Here are our standouts:

5. Sunnies

Brightside Sunglasses

Nothing blocks the haters quite like a good pair of sunnies will. These are giving main character energy and with a price point of around $30, they can't be beaten. Give the Leo in your life all of the attention they deserve with a stylish pair of sunglasses. 

Here are a few of our favorites from I-SEA:

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